Our popular relocation service includes provision of all required packing materials, packing, loading, transport in covered/lockable trucks, offloading, unpacking, setting up beds, fixing curtains, cookers, washing machines, DSTv installations and positioning of your households to your detailed specifications.We of course remove and take away all packing material debris once all goods are unpacked thus leaving you in a neat & tidy new home.

Due to our reliability, high quality service and affordability, several local and international companies & agencies have counted on us to relocate their offices,departments & staff within the country and beyond.

From beginning to end of the moving exercise, the goods are handled by our very own trained, experienced and trustworthy staff.

Moving need not be filled with stress! We assure you!!

Office Removals

Whether your office is large or small, you can trust our specialized moving team to deliver, hassle free!!During such relocations, you have to be sure that everything is in absolute order. We exist to make your office move as uncomplicated and straightforward as possible. Our well trained and friendly moving crew will help you plan and execute every detail of your move, so you’ll be up and running in your new location with as little downtime as possible, as even the smallest mistake could cost your company valuable man-hours.
We are well known for our careful handling of your expensive furniture, high tech equipment including computers, IT servers, Safes, files and other office movables. We only use the finest packing and padding materials that protect your property against damage while on transit. We leave your staff with peace of mind, knowing that the trustworthy professionals are incharge of their goods, from beginning to end.
We always allocate a Move co-ordinator for your office moving project who leaves nothing to chance when ensuring that the service of highest quality is delivered and maintained through out the Move.
In the last few years, we have had great pleasure in providing these services to some well known corporate brands, in addition to some of their staff relocations within Kenya and beyond the borders. Stop Searching for Other Corporate Relocation Companies

Household Removals

They are not just households; they are your possessions, and we treat them with an equal measure of care and respect!We at Pejon Freight Movers Ltd provide a unique and inexpensive Moving experience for your households, be it within Kenya or beyond. Our service is designed with the objective to eliminate the stress that a home move can cause. We are always happy to offer our experience, expertise, understanding, modern equipment, and most important, flexibility in ensuring the success of your Relocation exercise.
We first start with a pre-Move survey, where we visit your home and gather details of the amount and nature of household goods that you have. We are afterwards able to advise on the cost of the Move, its duration and what the service entails. Once the quote is agreeable, we arrive at your home at the agreed upon date and time, after which our crew will commence the packing and loading of your personal belongings.
Some of the packing materials that we use include white wrapping papers, corrugated cardboard paper, packing tapes, carton boxes, bubble wrap amongst other types of materials, depending on what is being packed. Some high-value items such as fine artworks, electronic equipment or delicate collectibles may need some added attention such as crating or palletization. All your goods are appropriately labelled to avoid mix ups in the new house when the goods arrive.